Side $

I want to keep a running total for the rest of 2017 of any extra income I make from getting rid of stuff, rebates, referrals, etc. I want to keep track of it as a visual to myself and as an additional reminder to put it all to debt or savings! Here is my extra income so far:

June 2017

  • Passion Planner Spring Rep Comission – $8.50
    • I love my Passion Planner! This is my second year using one, and I was part of their Spring rep program. I didn’t do as much promoting as I could have, but if I’m accepted for summer again I plan on sharing more about how I use my Passion Planner. You can get your own on Amazon here.
  • – $17.42
  • eBay – $242.47
  • Mercari – $88.20
  • Poshmark – $192.61

TOTAL: $531.78!