Financial Mistake #1 of 2017

At the end of 2017, we ran into an emergency and didn’t have the savings to cover it. With not so hot credit from the past few year’s financial mistakes, I had to take a personal loan with a ridiculous interest rate to cover our asses. My original intent was to pay it off in three months and here we are in month 5 of the year and I’m still paying it off.

I decided to take out the majority of the savings I have to pay this thing off by the start of June. Literally daily it accrues enough $ to fund my daily coffee fix plus some. The monthly set payment is $351, so with that $351 I can start paying down my “normal” interest rate CC debt much sooner.. and start replenishing my emergency fund and savings to avoid this from ever happening again.

The payment is automatic and apparently there is no way to pay the upcoming payment, so today I paid $1225 towards this pain in my ass, saving the $351 in my checking for the upcoming payment. Then when I get paid on the 2nd I’ll pay off the balance in full!

Next up will be my Apple CC which I used to buy a new computer with a special interest rate. I can comfortably pay at least $800 to debt per month (after all my fixed bills, spending, and saving). My goal going into June is to get aggressive by putting at least $800 towards this debt, and clearing house by selling all my unwanted stuff and putting that towards this debt of $1800.


New Year, New Blog Attempt?

Ok ok, so here I am with another blog attempt. I had my blog at Blogger since a million years ago and with age I decided it was time to grow up and get with it, and get on WordPress. Their themes and look just felt more grown up to me, so I switched on over.

What isn’t grown up is my continued money situation which I’ll get into more detail soon. I’m writing this blog to be held accountable, even though I’m blogging anonymously. I’m a believer in putting goals on paper, or the internet – in order to meet them. So here I am making an attempt to unfuck my money situation one day and one dollar at a time.

I hope you’ll follow along, but if you don’t thats okay too. Anyway.. blog to you soon!