September Goal Wrap Up

So, September didn’t go as planned with most of my goals. I got super busy with work, celebrated my birthday and my husbands, and spent too much. Here is a wrap of my September goals. Just because September didn’t go as planned, doesn’t mean I’ll give up! October is a new month and there are still three months to make some decent progress.

  • Get Capital One back to “Bills Only” – I paid over on this card this month, but it still has a balance that I’ll have to pay off. I haven’t accrued interest on this, but I want to end paying out large sums each month. I’ll be catching up with this in October, as well as making sure to pay off bills as they come through!
  • Get Discover under $7k – Currently at about $7200. The above mentioned issue with the high balance on my Capital One, meant less to put towards this.
  • Earn an extra $400+ from side hustle – I crushed this goal! Even with being busy and not being as active as I’d like with my side hustle, I made $775 – with a net profit of $485.
  • Donate unwanted stuff to Goodwill – I keep putting this off. I’m going on a Goodwill run tomorrow, so I’ll be forcing myself to bring some donations.
  • Get caught up on training protocol at work – Another month passed, another month not getting caught up. Ugh, really going to plan on this in October.
  • Get weight back down under 130 – Yet another that I didn’t meet, but I’m 2lb off.

Well as you can see, I didn’t do good at all this month. However, I did get my emergency fund back up over $1000, celebrated our birthdays with each other and our friends, and had some good ice cream. So it wasn’t an all out fail. Hoping October goes a lot smoother!

June Recap/July Goals!

A little late but here is the recap of my month of June:

  • Put at least $700 to my CC debt 
  • Sell ALL unwanted stuff, and toss the rest 
  • Eat out less
  • Get bodyweight back under 130lb

I put $556 towards my CC debt this month! Not exactly at $700, but I did reroute $540 to fully fund my Emergency fund at $1000. I sold a decent amount of things this month and racked up over $400 to put towards my debt! I ate out less during the weeks which was good, and I fell short of getting back under 130lb thanks to some minor injuries that forced me to scale back my training and probably hit me in the motivation department.

My month wasn’t at 100% but when is life ever at 100%? I’m a believer that when you aim for perfection, you set yourself up for failure. Sure my month wasn’t perfect but it was my first month making an attempt at getting my finances back on track so I’m ok with it, and it gives me room to improve in the upcoming months!

Here are my goals for the month of July:

  1. Pay off Credit Card #1 – With budgeting and extra money from selling stuff.. I think this is doable!
  2. Donate unwanted stuff!
  3. Get Postmark closet to 75+ available items
  4. Drink a gallon of water daily
  5. Get better at tracking no-spend days
  6. Get back below 130lb

What are you aiming to achieve in the month of July? Leave me a comment and let me know!


Mid-Month check in

June just flew by! I’m sipping my first cup of coffee for the day and reflecting on my progress with my goals that I wrote out. So here is where I am as of today:

  • Put at least $700 to my CC debt – So far I’ve put $556 to my CC this month! I’ll get paid one more time before June is over and already have $400 scheduled, so I should be good on this goal!
  • Sell ALL unwanted stuff, and toss the rest – I’ve been listing on Postmark and Mercari and eBay, I’ve sold a few old electronics and a decent amount of high-end makeup. No one is biting on the clothes. I’m going to donate some stuff by next weekend.
  • Use cash system for daily spending – This I haven’t been doing.. mostly because my first paycheck I spent all on rent, paying my CC and paying myself that I didn’t have much cash left over, so I guess that’s a good thing? I took out $20 yesterday and had $6 in my wallet already, so I think this will be good going into the next week!
  • Eat out less – I have been doing a lot better packing lunch! I’d say at least 4/5 days! However, over the weekend our friends were in town and we spent a lot of money on eating out, and we have other friends in town today. We literally never go out on the weekend, so for now I’m sucking it up in an attempt to be social.. since we tend to be pretty anti-social 99% of the time.
  • Get BW back below 130lb – I’m about 132 as of today. Getting back on track with eating packed food and hitting my food targets per day has helped, but I haven’t been working out at my normal volume thanks to a string of small, annoying injuries (sprain here, tweaked my back, sprain there). I’m hoping by the last week I can resume normal workouts, and at least get within 1lb to this goal to be on track for August.

How are you all doing with your goals for the month or the year?