This is my second attempt at doing the whole anonymous blogging thing to get my ass in financial shape. I made some good choices and then I made some bad choices, and then some really bad choices. I am a true believer that nothing useful ever comes from feeling sorry for yourself. I’ve turned around other bad situations so I’m hopeful that I can turn my money situation around. I’m a full-time employee with a master’s degree, wife, dog mom, self-proclaimed ice cream connoisseur and fitness junkie.

I want to save money and pay off my debt, but I also want to eat good food and drink hipster coffee. This is my attempt at living a life of balance by doing (a little bit of) both.

Shoot me a comment, let me know how you got here, or contact me via email at highclasslowincome@gmail.com!

June 2017/Blog revival starting CC debt: $9675.58 Current: $9275.58

I’m tackling this first, then I’ll tackle my crazy student debt!