September Goal Wrap Up

So, September didn’t go as planned with most of my goals. I got super busy with work, celebrated my birthday and my husbands, and spent too much. Here is a wrap of my September goals. Just because September didn’t go as planned, doesn’t mean I’ll give up! October is a new month and there are still three months to make some decent progress.

  • Get Capital One back to “Bills Only” – I paid over on this card this month, but it still has a balance that I’ll have to pay off. I haven’t accrued interest on this, but I want to end paying out large sums each month. I’ll be catching up with this in October, as well as making sure to pay off bills as they come through!
  • Get Discover under $7k – Currently at about $7200. The above mentioned issue with the high balance on my Capital One, meant less to put towards this.
  • Earn an extra $400+ from side hustle – I crushed this goal! Even with being busy and not being as active as I’d like with my side hustle, I made $775 – with a net profit of $485.
  • Donate unwanted stuff to Goodwill – I keep putting this off. I’m going on a Goodwill run tomorrow, so I’ll be forcing myself to bring some donations.
  • Get caught up on training protocol at work – Another month passed, another month not getting caught up. Ugh, really going to plan on this in October.
  • Get weight back down under 130 – Yet another that I didn’t meet, but I’m 2lb off.

Well as you can see, I didn’t do good at all this month. However, I did get my emergency fund back up over $1000, celebrated our birthdays with each other and our friends, and had some good ice cream. So it wasn’t an all out fail. Hoping October goes a lot smoother!

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